Stop mining the blocks,

mine the transactions.

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Proof of Stake (POS) powered NFT revenue sharing platform.

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Who we are?

What is nftland?

nftland is a decentralized assets revenue platform with using Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain algorithm.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most transparent and innovative social ecosystem for NFT owners & creators and whom love to have it.

NFT owners&creators

We are offering to you a passive income even your NFT's does not have any offers on the NFT marketplaces. Contact us via mail

How it works

For NFT Owners & Creators

NFT Revenue sharing agreement is signed between the owners and us.After agreement done, NFT's able to publish and become a sharing revenue ready.

List NFT's for Revenue Sharing

Choose between listing types, fixed-price listings, and percent-price listings. You choose how you want to sell your NFTs on nftland.!

For nftland users

Simply click to register button,fill the form and you are become an a user of nftland.

How to earn?

User's can get a profit from published NFT's after subscribe and mint an a NFT on our revenue sharing plans.

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